Monday, June 1, 2009

See? Your Mother was Right. A Potty Mouth Will Get You Nowhere

You think cursing at measly wannabe chefs and walking around local health department disasters is tough? Maybe not so much, but being a super rich celebrity chef may lend itself to an inflated ego, which may in turn, cause you to over-expand your face-feeding empire, which may in turn, cause you to breach some lending agreements.

"'It was the worst b******ing ever,’ said Ramsay. ‘They [KPMG] told me I was *****d'"

Ramsay reportedly owed 7.2 million pounds in taxes at one point. He and his overly generous father in-law put in 5 million pounds of their own money to call off the dogs.

Live and learn!

KPMG ‘told me I was ****ed’ admits chef Ramsay [AccountancyAge] Sphere: Related Content

1 comment:

  1. You F*****g tw*t! Are you a freakin moron?!?!? How could you let your sorry excuse for a company f*ck up so royaly?

    There is definite irony seeing Chef Ramsay mess something up so badly. He is the king for calling people out for messing up, and this looks like a pwetty big booboo.

    Although I wish the bastard the best. That Ramsay sure can cook. Who knew he could cook the books (ok maybe that is a bit much).