Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because We're Sick of the Poor People Hating on Us

Are you an investment banker that is sick of being demonized by the media, your family, the butler, your possibly cheating significant other (who, let's be honest, has a serious money-spending problem), or those no-nothing hicks in flyover country?

Well, fear not, lords of finance, Wall St.'s largest trade group, The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association is on this populist outrage nonsense because somebody has got to stand up and fight for you. "The plan targets policy makers and the media in New York, London, Washington and Brussels and calls for a 'city-by-city, grass roots' approach. "

See? They're even using populist words like "grass-roots", so that's definitely going to help get some of these poor people back on your side. Oh, and how will they "target policy makers" for you? Lobbyists, of course! Ones that used to work for Hank Paulson! For the bargain basement price of $70,000 a month. This is going to work great!

Wall Street Begins Campaign to Thwart ‘Populist Overreaction’
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