Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Elizabeth Alexander, poet.

Shots of people leaving. RUDE.

Antonin Scalia wearing his funny hat.

Poem continues...

Bush 41 is wearing a Daniel Boone type hat. Along with that purple scarf he's looking quite hip.

Poem ends.

Benediction. This means it's over soon.

Joe Biden looks like he's not sure if he should have his head bowed and eyes closed.

Still praying...

"the complex arena of human relations"

Still praying...I don't remember benedictions being this long. He did invoke every "color" in the end of prayer. Pretty funny.

National Anthem. I hope he puts his hand on his heart...

Done. What a relief. Fox News won't have much to say afterwards, except maybe criticize him for flubbing the oath. I'm sure Sean Hannity will question whether or not he's ready to be President.

Stars and Stripes Forever. Everything ends with John Philip Sousa. Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

"Humbled by the task before us". Hmmmmm.

I understand why he flubbed the oath. His strength isn't to repeat when spoken to, just give a speech. Makes sense.

First applause.

"Chosen hope over fear" The buzz continues.

First scripture quote. More like a paraphrase.

Second applause.

He's wearing a flag pin. What a relief.

People in LA laugh at themselves when seen on TV. A break in the seriousness is always welcome.

Third applause.

NYC! Everyone there looks cold.

Michelle's brother yawning! Hilarious.

Short applause.

Fourth sustained applause.

Fifth applause.

Sorry, I was interrupted by a phone call.

"New era of peace"

"Wrong side of history" that's a Clinton line.

They just showed Senator Burris of IL behind Obama. Too funny. I wonder if Blajoevich is there...

"this is the price and promise of citizenship"

Sixth applause. Some standing.

Speech ends with the usual sign off. Waving.

18 minutes 10 seconds.

W. clapping politely He gets an embrace from Obama. Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

John Roberts administrating the oath to Obama.

Obama didn't vote to confirm Roberts. AWKWARD.

Wow, he's nervous. Flubbed twice. He is human.

Hail to the Chief...Waving...Waving...21 gun salute...waving...Flags. Guns still going...

30 ROCK!

Speech time. Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Aretha Franklin. With a BIG bow on her hat.

Biden taking the oath.

John Paul Stevens wearing a bowtie and bad glasses.

Jill Biden holding the Lincoln Bible. That thing must weigh as much as a Thanksgiving Tom. Biden is kissing his kids. Oh the love...

More music. Yo Yo Ma gets the biggest reaction. Probably due to Seinfeld. John Williams. Damn, does that guy write everything?

BO and JB look like they're enjoying themselves. Did anyone tell them the mess that they're getting in to?

OH good, they look more serious there.

The pianist gets music and the other musicians don't? Does that seem unfair? Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging The Inaugaration

Still praying... Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Is says Unemployed in the title doesn't it?

Announcing Obama. "Barack H. Obama" I guess Ann Coulter isn't making the announcement.

And the crowd goes wild. Chanting of "Obama". Not very cohesive chanting.

Diane Feinstein. "Peaceful transition of power"

"root of liberty" "Democratically elected leader" Sometimes...

W. Still smirking. What could possibly be so amusing? Nickname for Feinstein: Diane "you ain't so" Feinstein.

"God Bless America". Of course.

Rick Warren - little applause. Praying... Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Waiting for O. Yes, Oprah is actually going to be president. She paid Obama $1 Billion.

Dick Cheney in the wheelchair. AWESOME.

Announcing W. and Cheney

Hail to the Chief. Not for long.

Joe Biden. Fresh from his latest round of teeth whitening. I wonder if he took Amtrak this morning??

W. talking to maybe Michelle? I wonder what his nickname is for her?

Wow. Cheney looks old and very Dr. Strangelovish. Again, fitting.

Obama. Stoic as always. I wonder if he feels the cold?

Biden announced. Brian Williams mentions Amtrak. He mentions that somehow Biden knows all the conductors.

"he's going to have to spend a $1 Trillion to get the economy started". Oh? We have a economy?

Announcing Obama and a bunch of others. Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Announcing the Carters. Jimmy Carter has somehow become popular since leaving office. I guess that was 30 years ago...Friendly southern gentleman would be hard to hold a grudge against.

Announcing Bush 41 - GHWB is walking w/ a cane. These two are obviously the most frail of the former "Firsts". They're wearing matching purple scarves. Not exactly sure who okayed THAT.

Announcing the Clintons - huge uproar from the crowd for them. Bill Clinton will shake every single hand before getting off that red and blue carpet. Especially if there are interns around...

Bush daughters walking down. Jenna's husband looks like a good match for the aristocratic family. Barbara Bush (daughter, not Grandma) is probably hung over after flying in from New York and partying with Vito Schnabel

Obama's daughters are announced along w/ the Biden children.

Lynne Cheney. Meh

Laura Bush looks stoic as always. Somebody has to keep that relationship above water.

The oldest Obama daughter looks excited. The younger daughter just looks cold.

Oh, folksy Laura Bush: "Hey everybody".

I wonder if the Bush daughters are creeped out by Bill Clinton?

The Mall is absolutely PACKED.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Joe Biden did all right for himself. Apparently she also has a big mouth. Brian Williams just made comment of her Ph.D. Attractive AND smart. Way to go Joe!

W. Smirking.

Tom Brokaw just made mention that Dick Cheney has a "Dr. Strangelove" appearance that will be written about extensively tommorow in the press. This, to me, is a very appropriate end to his time in office.

W. Still smirking. Probably thinking how "history will redeem him" Sphere: Related Content

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Bush 41 and Bill Clinton just hugged. Strange.

The Clintons and Bush 41 and Barbara are chatting quite friendly.

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter comes through. AWKWARD. Sphere: Related Content

Monday, January 5, 2009

Rocky Mountain Debut

Oh readers, how long it has been! I'll catch you up. I left New York for the sunshine state of Colorado a week before Christmas, arriving safe and sound, with Lovebird in tow and am now residing in the basement of a friend while I continue to do my best Willy Loman/George Costanza impression.

In all seriousness, being unemployed has its ups and downs. Sometimes you couldn't be happier to not have any reason to get up and join the rat race. Other times, it's a little nerve-racking. It probably has something to do with feeling totally unproductive. While writing in a blog that few people read and doing sketches that no one is interested in has it's moments, my artistic talents are probably at hobby level at best, and I've got too much school debt to give up on the corporate world altogether.

I've been to a couple of interviews and am actually waiting to hear back on one of them so there's still hope! At least I haven't had to resort to the opposite strategy...

Anyway, don't fret for me readers! Like I said, it has its ups and downs and today is an UP! Sphere: Related Content