Sunday, November 15, 2009

Google Alerts Never Takes a Day Off, So I Don't Either

I've neglected posting on 10KT for far too long so if nothing else, accept this as a token of my realization that this blog exists.

The one thing that has come about in my short time as a paid blogger (professional doesn't seem appropriate) is that I am overcome by the mass amount of emails that I receive on a daily basis. I receive so many that the mere idea of reading all them is an act in futility.

I should clarify that these are content related alerts that I receive from Google and not fan mail or hate email. The former being a delusion and the latter being suspiciously absent.

Google Alerts has easily become my best friend and my worst enemy all at the same time. Without this miracle of information, I would not be able to do my job, pure and simple. It provides me with some of the most bizarre stories that I post about it. Here's one that would not have been possible without Google Alerts.

At the same time, sometimes I wish Google Alerts would take a day off. Sadly, it never grows weary. Holidays, weekends, and snow days are all equal in the eyes of the almighty Google machine.

If my untimely passing were to occur, Google would never know and the unread emails in my inbox would grow, day after day, unless Google Alerts was able to reconcile my obituary with the email account and discontinue the service.

So I have to accept the fact that as long as I crave information for my work, Google will oblige without hesitation. I guess it beats the hell out of finding the stories myself. Sphere: Related Content