Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Elizabeth Alexander, poet.

Shots of people leaving. RUDE.

Antonin Scalia wearing his funny hat.

Poem continues...

Bush 41 is wearing a Daniel Boone type hat. Along with that purple scarf he's looking quite hip.

Poem ends.

Benediction. This means it's over soon.

Joe Biden looks like he's not sure if he should have his head bowed and eyes closed.

Still praying...

"the complex arena of human relations"

Still praying...I don't remember benedictions being this long. He did invoke every "color" in the end of prayer. Pretty funny.

National Anthem. I hope he puts his hand on his heart...

Done. What a relief. Fox News won't have much to say afterwards, except maybe criticize him for flubbing the oath. I'm sure Sean Hannity will question whether or not he's ready to be President.

Stars and Stripes Forever. Everything ends with John Philip Sousa. Sphere: Related Content

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