Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Announcing the Carters. Jimmy Carter has somehow become popular since leaving office. I guess that was 30 years ago...Friendly southern gentleman would be hard to hold a grudge against.

Announcing Bush 41 - GHWB is walking w/ a cane. These two are obviously the most frail of the former "Firsts". They're wearing matching purple scarves. Not exactly sure who okayed THAT.

Announcing the Clintons - huge uproar from the crowd for them. Bill Clinton will shake every single hand before getting off that red and blue carpet. Especially if there are interns around...

Bush daughters walking down. Jenna's husband looks like a good match for the aristocratic family. Barbara Bush (daughter, not Grandma) is probably hung over after flying in from New York and partying with Vito Schnabel

Obama's daughters are announced along w/ the Biden children.

Lynne Cheney. Meh

Laura Bush looks stoic as always. Somebody has to keep that relationship above water.

The oldest Obama daughter looks excited. The younger daughter just looks cold.

Oh, folksy Laura Bush: "Hey everybody".

I wonder if the Bush daughters are creeped out by Bill Clinton?

The Mall is absolutely PACKED.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden. Joe Biden did all right for himself. Apparently she also has a big mouth. Brian Williams just made comment of her Ph.D. Attractive AND smart. Way to go Joe!

W. Smirking.

Tom Brokaw just made mention that Dick Cheney has a "Dr. Strangelove" appearance that will be written about extensively tommorow in the press. This, to me, is a very appropriate end to his time in office.

W. Still smirking. Probably thinking how "history will redeem him" Sphere: Related Content

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