Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

"Humbled by the task before us". Hmmmmm.

I understand why he flubbed the oath. His strength isn't to repeat when spoken to, just give a speech. Makes sense.

First applause.

"Chosen hope over fear" The buzz continues.

First scripture quote. More like a paraphrase.

Second applause.

He's wearing a flag pin. What a relief.

People in LA laugh at themselves when seen on TV. A break in the seriousness is always welcome.

Third applause.

NYC! Everyone there looks cold.

Michelle's brother yawning! Hilarious.

Short applause.

Fourth sustained applause.

Fifth applause.

Sorry, I was interrupted by a phone call.

"New era of peace"

"Wrong side of history" that's a Clinton line.

They just showed Senator Burris of IL behind Obama. Too funny. I wonder if Blajoevich is there...

"this is the price and promise of citizenship"

Sixth applause. Some standing.

Speech ends with the usual sign off. Waving.

18 minutes 10 seconds.

W. clapping politely He gets an embrace from Obama. Sphere: Related Content

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