Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Grant Thornton's Hocus Pocus Optimism Index Rises Above Pre-Recession Levels

Grant Thornton has put out its quarterly "Business Optimism Index" and somehow gets to a score of 54.5 compared to only 37.6 in February '09. This leads the firm, if you remember, that has a passion for the business of accounting*, to believe that business leaders are more confident about the economy.

Call us former auditors, but we're skeptical about this "Index". Less than half (45%) of the respondents believe the economy will improve, 62% are very or somewhat optimistic about their own business, and only 20% expect to increase staff, in the next six months.


*We'd like to go on record that those commercials with the guy dancing with a rose in his mouth, that were constantly running on CNBC, might be the worst attempt by an accounting firm to market itself. Just sayin'.

Grant Thornton LLP Business Optimism Index up to pre-recession level [Grant Thornton Press Release] Sphere: Related Content

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