Friday, June 19, 2009

BDO Int'l Skates, Leaves BDO Seidman to Deal with $520M Verdict

Believe it or not friends, the wedding planner defense worked for BDO International Global Coordination.

As Tramp speculated, the six-person South Florida jury seemed to relate more to "wedding planning" than "public duty" and found that BDO International Global Coordination was not liable for either the punitive damages of $350M or the compensatory damages of $170M.

BDO is certainly a benefactor of the "jury of your peers" in this case considering that the peers have no clue what the hell any of the evidence meant or why it pointed to BDO International Global Coordination's responsibility. Re: The Auditors has excellent coverage including video clips. Go here and here.

During the trial, defense counsel went so far to state that the the claim by the Plaintiff that the firm had a "public duty" was a SIDESHOW. Want to know what comes at the very top of a Google search when you type in "sideshow"? We were hoping for the human blockhead or the bearded woman, but instead it was this.

So now BDO Seidman is on the hook for the $520M. They've said that these damages will bring double entry apocalypse. But they're appealing the original verdict, and why the hell not? They seem to be pretty good at dodging bullets. Oh wait, they're not the same firm. Sorry, sorry, sorry.


Jury: BDO International not liable for millions in losses
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