Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review Comments - 6.9.09

E-mails? Get to the point already! - [Miami Herald]

Bank of America Covering Ang Moz's Legal Fees
- No word whether K to the L is also picking up the tanning sessions [Dealbreaker]

Former AT&T Chief to Be G.M.’s New Chairman
- Good luck with that. [DealBook]

House Committee Subpoenas Federal Reserve Over BofA-Merrill - Did Hank Paulson do a throaty Jack Bauer impression in order to scare the beejesus out of Ken Lewis until he promised he would buy Merrill Lynch? Was Ben Bernanke the puppet master (a la Jon Voight)? Did John Thain have to recharge his batteries after the fourth hour of interrogation so he could continue watching? They better get to the bottom of this thing. [WSJ via Zero Hedge]

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