Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live Blogging Ken Lewis's Testimony

i'm a little late to the game...sorry.

KL: I'm not a bloody mind reader. I don't know if he was talking about porn when he wrote "Fire the Board"

We didn't have much of a reaction to the comment about us being removed. It was the seriousness of an issue re: the MAC. Not our jobs.

Chaffetz: Paulson was on a bike ride. Were you riding tandem?

KL: Paulson said he was going to use blunt language. He said he'll put the smackdown on us.

Um, annyoing buzzing must stop.

Chaffetz: Hmmm. Sounds like a threat.

Chaffetz going long....told him shut up.

Cummings: I'm from Baltimore. No wire needed here KL. We don't buy your story.

I'm going to read you a bedtime story.

You told the board that the Fed and Treas will kick our asses out if we don't play ball.

Did I mention that I'm from Baltimore? Even in Baltimore, that's a threat and Omar isn't even involved.

Cummings is having trouble forming coherent sentences.

Cummings: Nike commercial analogy doesn't work. Is that a plug for Carmelo?

WE DON'T BUY YOUR STORY. Cummings is shouting now...I'M FROM BALTIMORE, YOU'RE TOO NICE! Sphere: Related Content

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