Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Cold Justice

Maybe, just maybe, a judge in Birmingham was trying to make a point when he ordered Richard Scrushy to pay $2.876 Billion to the shareholders of HealthSouth Corp.

Scrushy was acquitted of criminal charges back in 2005, that alleged that he was the puppet-master of the accounting hocus-pocus going on at the company.

Scrushy appears to be taking similar steps to that of everybody's favorite acquitted killer O.J. Simpson.

Step 1 - Be acquitted of criminal charges

Step 2
- Be found liable in civil proceeding and be ordered to pay a metric asston of cash you don't have

Step 3 - Move to Florida because, somehow, if you're found liable and you live in FLA, you don't have to pay shit.

Step 4 - Hold up/kidnap some people who have your stuff because you need to sell it because you're still getting hounded by the people you owe a metric asston of cash to.

Step 5 - Be found guilty of holdup/kidnapping and be sentenced to the rest of your scofflaw days in jail

Scrushy's already serving seven years for an unrelated bribery case but we think the trail has been blazed for a more appropriate conclusion.

Scrushy Found Liable in HealthSouth Shareholder Suit
[WSJ (subscription required)]

Judge orders Scrushy to pay $2.9B to shareholders
[Miami Herald] Sphere: Related Content

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