Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scoping 6.18.09

Banks Brace for Fight Over an Agency Meant to Bolster Consumer Protection - “'The argument for doing that is you’ll have an agency that’s only focused on protecting consumers,' said Donald G. Ogilvie, chairman of the Deloitte Center for Banking Solutions. 'The argument against that is you’ll have an agency that’s only interested in protecting consumers.'" Translation: This is going to get ugly. [New York Times]

Eddie Bauer Files for Bankruptcy
- Chapter 11 reorg. will allow the retailer to continue selling faux-outdoor gear to consumers who are faux-outdoor enthusiasts. [New York Times]

Wells Fargo CEO: TARP is "great investment"
- Did anyone out there get a dividend check yet? Anyone? ANYONE? - [Denver Business Journal]

This Is Why California Is Not Getting Bailed Out
- [DealBreaker] Sphere: Related Content


  1. According to Villarigosa (who is seen on the cover of Los Angeles Magazine with the word FAILURE across the picture) on the popular radio station KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest - the rest of the Laker Day Parade was funded by private donations. SO what is that telling Sacramento? I'm afraid it's saying that those of us that live in LA aren't being taxed enough - especially if there are enough private funds to fund a million dollar parade. Still teachers are being fired and firemen and policemen are in danger of loosing their jobs... somehow this doesn't make any sense. Kind of like the healthcare stupidity in Washington. What?? What are we telling our future generations?? You're going to broke and stupid and you better get your own gun!

  2. Couldn't Jerry Buss just pay for the whole thing himself? Kicking Cali while they're down I guess. Viallarigosa is a clown. "We're having a parade" Good for you. I hope they throw you out.