Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stanford to Stay in Jail and Get Pumped While Awaiting Trial

A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that Sir Allen Stanford, the Texan businessmen indicted on 21 counts relating to an alleged $7bn Ponzi scheme, will have to remain in custody until his trial. The judge, David Hittner, agreed with prosecutors who had argued that the financier was a "serious flight risk" and could not be relied upon to appear in court if granted freedom on bail.
Stan the Man and his guns show would never think of going on the lam but if that's the way you want it judge, fine. He'll show those Texas cons how to win new clients pump some iron and then he'll have his day in circus court.

[The Stanford Series] Judge rules Sir Allen Stanford must stay in jail pending trial [FT Alphaville] Sphere: Related Content

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