Monday, June 29, 2009

An Example of When You Should Really Consider the Interior Monologue

Sometimes things get said out loud that shouldn't. Sometimes it has to do with money. Sometimes it has to do with politics. Sometimes it has to do with a sleepover that involved your friend's incredibly hot and physically irresistible [insert family member here].

Here is a pretty good example of something you should probably keep to yourself if you're a Swiss Banker:
Yves Mirabaud, a managing partner at Swiss private bank Mirabaud, told the Financial Times that nothing was easier than dodging tax in the US and UK. In rare public comments, the Swiss private banker said: “There is a feeling in the banking community, and also in the population . . . that we are in an economic war. There is nothing easier than doing tax evasion in the US. Look at Delaware companies or trusts in the Channel Islands."
Now, we may be dead wrong on this but it sounds like Mr. Mirabaud is saying, "Dodging taxes in the US and UK is easy". If you think we're misinterpreting that, please let us know.

The whole downside to this type of candid comment is that if some IRS chaps get the itch, Mr. Mirabaud may find himself the recipient of an interrogation that may involve methods that would equate to a financial rectal exam.

Swiss declare war over tax evasion
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