Friday, June 26, 2009

Tchotchke Results!

Pretty decent results in our first ever Accounting Firm tchotchke contest. Good lists and suggestions but we could have used more pictures. No worries though. A couple here for your viewing pleasure:

Because accountants like challenges

KPMG Encore! The spotlight is an especially nice touch.

Comments from the original post here list some other shockingly cheesy items.

Jr. Deputy Accountant also made mention of Federal Reserve post-it notes which we allowed only because we think someone might be listening...

Thanks for playing. We'll make another run at a later date.
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  1. I was at a women's networking event today where Barclay's was handing out Molton Brown sampler goodie bags. Look that $*#@ up - it is not cheap!

  2. Does this mean I win?

    I didn't actually post the notes so just in case anyone is watching, we were never here.

    You did see this, right?

    it is an epidemic of our industry and MUST be stopped. Step 2? Elimination of bad firm shwag would save billions. or at least a few million.