Thursday, June 11, 2009

Will the Financial Crisis Finally Let the Mid-Tier Firms Be Cool?

Face it mid-tier firms, the Big 4 are the popular kids at school. They get the hottest girls, they win prom king, they barely talk to you even though you sit right next to them in calculus. If they do talk to you it's after they snap your ass with a towel while snarking, "Out of the way, dork."

Oh, how financial calamity can turn the tables:

Big Four auditors have come under fire after the banking meltdown and, with jittery investors looking to shore themselves up, there may be serious weight added to the dissenting voices calling for a break-up.

Coupled with recent pressure from [Members of Parliament] to restrict firms’ non-audit services, the mid-tier could be well-positioned to make genuine inroads into the top flight.

At last! After years of being ignored, the mid-tier firms will have to be taken seriously. The financial meltdown will surely get us invited to the coolest parties and perhaps to first base with the likes of [enter prestigious client here].

Not so fast dweebs, "One [Financial Director is quoted]: ‘To talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk,’ when asked why he rejected the idea of a mid-tier auditor."

That might be the worst explanation for anything, ever, but it does point out that those big sexy clients are probably out of reach of the mid-tier firms, well, just because you're not in the cool kids club.

Conditions right for mid-tier assault on the FTSE monopoly
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