Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scoping - 6.17.09

The least we can do is give you something to read in order to waste some time today:

Claim against BDO tossed - More on this tomorrow, but for now, study up. [Miami Herald]

Two Ex-Madoff Traders Suing Sons for Collusion
- [DealBook]

IRS Makes a Fuss About Personal Calls at Work - Supported by Hank Paulson when the idea was first mentioned. Nice. [Reason]

#40 Internships - 'Tis the season. What SAL fails to mention is that this also the opportunity for the more awkward and socially incapable Senior Associates and Associates to lay some ground work for stalking the interns throughout the summer and then pick the stalking back up when they start again full time. [Stuff Accountants Like]

Obama Sought to Enlist a Wide Consensus on Finance Rules
- Just in case you really don't do anything at your job, whole proposal here. [New York Times] Sphere: Related Content

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