Friday, June 19, 2009

Please Let There Be a Media Circus of a Trial. PLEASE

Obviously, our favorite news of the day is the surrender of everybody's second-favorite Ponzi mastermind, Allen Stanford.

Stan-the-Man trumps Bernster in our minds for one key reason however: constantly maintaining his innocence. It's one thing to tattoo "fuck it" on your forehead and quite another thing to say, "you all can get fucked".

Stan has already promised to jump into the lake of fire if his business is a Ponzi scheme and has been itching like Courtney Love to turn himself in, so we can get this show on the road.

But his attorney has made the strongest argument:

"'Allen Stanford was not running a fraudulent operation,' Mr. DeGuerin said. He added that, 'the S.E.C. has done more damage to Stanford investors' than Mr. Stanford could have possibly done himself."

Gotta say, the man may have a point.

Regardless, here we are, we've got our big Texas showdown. Between the drug informants, money laundering, and some strange methods of attracting investors, we're watching this one until the bittersweet end.

Texas Financier and Antiguan Official Indicted in Fraud
[New York Times]

UPDATE: Dude is appearing in court, circa now.

UPDATE 2, 2:33 MDT: DealBreaker. Possible 375 years. Meh. Sphere: Related Content

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