Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Guy...This Is Not My Kinda Guy

Noted scumbag Matthew Weitzman gets a little attention in today's New York Times because columnist Ron Lieber is, well, a client.

NBD really, but in case you needed an extra reason to dislike Weitzman, this should do:

Patricia Flinn, a Brewster, N.Y., resident and a former client of Mr. Weitzman’s, met him when her husband was told, six months after they had married, that he had cancer. “He told Matt that he wanted to be sure that his wife would be taken care of.”

As her husband, William Adcock, lay dying, however, Mr. Weitzman helped himself to Mr. Adcock’s money, including one withdrawal on the day that Mr. Weitzman served as a witness when Mr. Adcock changed his will, Ms. Flinn said. After he died, Mr. Weitzman began taking Ms. Flinn’s money instead, she recalled.

Cold, man. Real cold.

An Adviser (Mine) Is Charged With Fraud
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