Thursday, June 11, 2009

Live Blogging Ken Lewis's Testimony Part II

Flake: Skeptical about the whole "this isn't a threat"

We get it guys, you all think it's a threat.

Flake: What is a threat if it isn't a threat?

KL: I don't like labels.

Flake mentions Stockholm Syndrome. Thank the Creator he explained that for the rest of the members of the committee.

Wiggle your pinky and we'll know that you're under duress.

Nervous laughter...

KL: I don't like labels.

Flake: how compelling was the seriousness? Does that even make sense?

Issa: We not asking you if you were threatened, we're telling you.

Kucinich runs this thing? Good Lord.

Lynch: rehashing, rehashing, rehashing - I'm going to throw out "CDO" in order to sound intelligent.

I'll read the emails to you because I'm sure you can't read.

There's a different dynamic going on here. The sky is falling and they think you aren't taking this shit seriously. Was this a bargaining chip?

KL: Thank you. It was a crisis. We thought we had the real possibility of a MAC, thankyouverymuch.

McHenry: Are MAC's common? Have you ever pulled this MAC shit before?

KL: I understand that you're a politician, yes to both you moron.

McHenry asks a question that makes no sense and KL says "WTF?".

Buzzing again.

KL: I'm proud that BofA is the largest lender in the USA. Yeah, team!

This recession kinda screws things up, dontchaknow? Sphere: Related Content

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