Thursday, June 11, 2009

If The Hustler Club Gets Rid of the Prime Rib Buffet, I'm Never Going Back. Ever. Really.

In times like these, there are few places a man can go to blow off some steam. All right, regardless of the times, men like going to gentleman's club. Going to a gentleman's club is comforting and relaxing for several reasons: 1. Big comfy chairs; 2. Excellent bar service; 3. Good music;

Oh, and if you put cash in front of the girls working, she'll take her clothes off. But the luxury atmosphere might get a makeover:

For an industry often thought to be recession proof, the transition has been sobering. In order to adapt, many so-called gentlemen's clubs are shedding their upscale trappings and catering to a thriftier clientele by offering less expensive drinks, waiving cover charges and refocusing their marketing.

Thriftier clientele? Did they check with the girls on this? I'm not sure buy one get one free lapdances is going to be a hit with the performers...

Some Gentlemen's Clubs Strip Down Upscale Offerings as Business Slumps [WSJ - subscription required]

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1 comment:

  1. Too bad so sad. Coked-out single mom skanks are taking a hit with the rest of us.

    I'll make you work for that dollar!