Monday, June 29, 2009

Deloitte: Don't Trust Anyone

Working for an accounting firm is tough. Long hours, strict deadlines, boring co-workers, the stuff you're all used to.

Well now it's a whole new ball game. Accounting is so serious and the stakes are so high that paranoia has now overcome the bigwigs at Deloitte. The UK arm of the firm has set up a Corporate Counter Espionage Team to combat the risks posed to "brand reputation, competitive advantage and market growth."

Perhaps this new level of paranoia on the Big D's part is warranted. I mean, who among you has not seriously considered taking the steps of becoming a secret double agent and infiltrating another firm to get their secrets and client information?

Or maybe you just want to check another firms for potential hotties because you've gone too far with one too many co-workers and you're officially the firm bicycle?

Nevertheless, it appears that the Deloitte-period honchos are probably smoking some epic strains of ganja and then watching an Oliver Stone weekend marathon to rationalize getting CIA/MI6 types on the payroll.

Deloitte launches new counter-espionage team
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