Friday, June 26, 2009

PwC Global Chairman Gets Grilled Over Satyam

Dennis Nally got sweated by the Indian Corporate Affairs Minister over the fraud that was missed by P Dub at Satyam Computer Services.

Luckily for you, 10-key Tramp had a fly on the wall and we've got some of the juicier bits for you here:

Corporate Affairs Minister:
Do you have any idea how serious this situation is?

Dennis Nally: I'd put it somewhere between cancer and heart attack.

CAM: Huh?

DN: Sorry, American joke.

CAM: What the hell was going on over there? Was anyone actually auditing anything? Why couldn't you find the fraud?

DN: I can't speak for the team specifically but I personally haven't audited anything since the early '90s. I'm not really sure about finding fraud. I don't think we have to do that.

CAM (with furrowed brow): What exactly do you do?

Well I mostly fly around the world and put duct tape on stuff since Sammy D. quit

CAM (seriously getting annoyed):
So can you tell us anything about this disaster?

DN: Couple dudes are in jail. I think one of them still wears his pocket protector every day.

CAM: Is there anything useful that you can tell us at all?

DN: It's customary to tip when you're in the United States. Waiters get really annoyed when foreigners stiff them.

CAM: Will someone get this guy out of here?

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