Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tramp After Hours: Banco Espirito v. BDO Round 1

Duped Bank vs. Negligent CPA's. Round 1.

Much like Rocky vs. Drago, the life of BDO (Rocky?) may be on the line. Tramp will act as a ringside judge. Enter the lawyers:

For Banco Espirito, it's fundamentals: "'BDO International was grossly negligent,' said Steven Thomas, an attorney for Banco Espirito Santo. 'They were supposed to make sure their BDO firm here in Miami was doing its job.'''

BDO counsel took a different approach: '''Confusion creeps in because of the similarity in names,' Mark Raymond, a lawyer for Belgium-based BDO International, told jurors."

He continues: '''Like a wedding planner, they coordinate, they facilitate,' Raymond said. 'Does a bride give the wedding planner all of these rights to run and control everything? Of course not.'"

Round goes to: BDO - We are talking about a south Florida jury here. Most of the jurors are probably old with Medicare-funded hearing aids so confusion is a given.

Plus, all the fundamentalist Christians and religious Jews down there do love themselves some weddings and they all know that the wedding coordinator is NOT in charge.

The other poss is that jurors are alcoholics/addicts too fucked up to pay attention because they lost their ass on the beachside condos.

Hypothetical exchange during jury selection:

Potential Juror (on cell phone in slurring speech): You promised me they would sell! You fucking promised me!


Potential Juror: Excuse me? Oh, sorry. No, I don't have any idea what a global network of accounting firms is.

Defense Counsel:
I have no problem with this juror, your honor.

Well played counselor. Updates will continue.

Banco Espirito Santo wants firm held liable for jury verdict
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