Monday, June 1, 2009

Let's Talk About a Serious Topic... on work computers.

The SEC Inspector General just put out its Semiannual Report to Congress that includes the progress of the investigation into how, in God's holy name, the SEC managed to screw the pooch on this whole ponz thing with our favorite rub n' tug jailbird.

In a completely awesome coincidence, it also includes details of a senior staffer trying to access porn sites on his SEC computer:

The investigation revealed that while using his SEC computer during 17 working days, the employee received approximately 1,880 access denials for Internet websites classified by the SEC’s Internet filter as pornography.

So, at what point does a person just give up on trying to look up porn on a work computer? I mean, nearly 1,900 times? Go buy a magazine at the gas station pal.

S.E.C. Inspector Cites Progress in Madoff Inquiry [DealBook] Sphere: Related Content

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