Friday, June 5, 2009

IRS Squeezing Out Pseudo-Tax Preparers

Now you've done it. You've pissed off H&R Block and they don't take this shit lightly.

The IRS is going to recommend new federal standards for tax return preparers by the end of this year. T. Geith gets the pleasure of determining if the new standards will be kosh.

Apparently, there are lots of people just walking around, soliciting cheap or free tax advice out there and professional preparers like H&R Block have HAD IT with the fuckin' amateurs:

"Whether through face-to-face advice or through online or software programs, it is critical that all tax preparers have the training, including appropriate licensing, to prepare returns correctly, and to comply faithfully with the law"

So just pack it up, stay at home moms and dads who prepare tax returns for your friends, H&R Block is going to dominate fucking up everybody's 1040, NOT YOU.

IRS to Propose New Tax Preparer Standards [Smart Money]
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