Friday, June 5, 2009

I Want You in the Steel Cage!!!!

One would think that socially awkward interaction between accountants would dissipate with the introduction of the Internet.

But, no, accountants remain seriously dorky and awkward even in cyberspace.

Here's a feeble attempt by a blog to talk shit with a different post that claims that auditors don't have any responsibility for the banking crisis. He lays out his argument and explains and explains and explains why auditors have "massive responsibility" for the crisis.

Fine. I suppose someone had to call out the this lame-o partner who is clueless and just threw together some weakass reasoning about how auditors shouldn't be blamed, but does it have to be done in such an accountant-y way?

I'm just sayin, call the guy some names or make some wild accusations about his wife, for shit's sake. Threaten him with a beatdown or something, ANYTHING. I have very little hope for this profession if this type of wonky, prudish debate continues.

There. I feel better. Sphere: Related Content

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