Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nunchuck Skills Anyone?

Accountants are good at lots of things that probably won't surprise you: Working long hours, sending passive-aggressive emails, using a 10-key calculator, etc.

Badenoch & Clark (which appears to be the UK equivalent of Robert Half) put out a report that suggests that accountants aren't focusing on the right skills for their jobs. According to the report, accountants are still focused on technical skills more so than those like "strong commercial acumen" and "communication skills".

Personally, we would narrow it a bit to focus more on "Communication Skills with the Socially Awkward" and "Strong Yes-Man Acumen". The experience of the Tramp has been that these will serve accountants very well.

One of the comments suggested time travel as an important skill. We would agree with this and go further to suggest training in "Partner Mind-Reading" and "Dealing with Distortion at Performance Evaluation Time". These would seem to be invaluable...any other thoughts on new trainings?

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  1. how about sifting through client B.S. to find the true meaning of "slush fund" traning?