Friday, June 5, 2009

KPMG Still Hyper Over the Tony's Thing

KPMG is feeling pretty damn good about snatching the Tony's from a small local firm that had been counting the votes for 50 years.

Since loyalty is obviously not being one of the virtues of those running award shows, the House of Klynveld is confident that it will be able to pick up more award shows and will dominate the dorks that get on TV for 15 seconds market.

In an internal announcement obtained by Tramp, the team is brimming with confidence, "They liked our ideas on providing analytical data about the voting, and our views on controls over the counting"

Who knew that counting votes for an awards show was so analytically demanding and needed rigorous controls?

"We're getting calls from partners in Los Angeles very interested in how we secured the win".

We'll be interested in how KPMG manages to miscount the votes and end up in a lawsuit when James Gandolfini doesn't win for God of Carnage. Tune in Sunday... Sphere: Related Content

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