Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Audit Partners are Doing Favors That We Need to Know About

Despite a near overall financial apocalypse, audit fees went UP in 2008, according to a survey done by Financial Executives Research Foundation.

Oh, and public companies still like KPwaterhouseDeloitteYoungMG to do their audits and then they don't like to switch. 86% of those polled use one of the Big 4 and have been with the same firm on average for 15.9 years.

Which begs the question: what kind of favors are these firms doing in order to keep these clients for so long and when the whole economy implodes, still have the audacity to ask for more money? Is it common knowledge among the mega-huge, everyone is too big fail (except Lehman) corporate community that the Big 4 have low moral character and will pretty much do anything to keep clients?

If so, where are the pictures? And, I mean the good ones. I want New Jersey hookers, corporate executive socks hiked up pictures. You know the type.

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  1. who is that picture of? why is it relevant?

  2. ah excellent, I thought I knew her face, and am glad to find out it was eloit's girl and not..