Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PwC Draws the Short Straw

It's bad enough that P. Dubya has got this whole Satyam mess going on but now this?

The Financial Times is reporting that P. Dubs has taken up the suicide mission task of monitoring aid being sent into Somalia.
PwC, the world’s biggest accountancy firm, is making a move into the world’s worst failed state. Somalia’s interim government has asked PwC to bring bookkeeping discipline to a country where lawlessness has reigned for nearly two decades.
Not sure what compelled PwC to take on this particular task, perhaps its the undying commitment to being the utmost Global Corporate Citizen, perhaps its potential fulfillment of some partners' life-long dream to become pirates. WTFK?

Based on the FT's story, it could be that P. Dubs is just plain a-okay with the highway to the danger zone, "PwC has undertaken similar work monitoring donor payments in Afghanistan and Sudan. It declined to discuss details of the Somalia project, citing client confidentiality and security issues."

Sounds like PwC has already got spies working for them and just don't tell the whole universe, like some firms.

Oh, and there is money involved. The firm will "receive a commission of between 2 per cent and 4 per cent on all funds that reach their intended destination." The most recent aid pledge of $67M would get P. Dubya a commission in the nabe of $1.3M.

So it's not a total loss. The over/under on kidnapped/murdered employees will prob be two? Maybe three?

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