Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Someone Please Tell the BBC That They're Getting Bamboozled

In what may be a blatant case of taking advantage of a client's cluelessness about what professional fees cost, KPMG raised its audit and other service fees 30% on the BBC from the prior year fees. Apparently we'll be the first to notify the BBC of this fact: 30% IS A LOT.

We're guessing the accounting staff at the BBC is a less-than motivated bunch leading some extra work for the KPMG minions but still....30%?

Maybe the partners on the engagement were photo-copying the phone book, maybe the engagement team was drinking on the clock and running the tabs through but somehow a 30% increase occurred and a bunch of Carl Kassel-types (with British accents, obv) bought whatever the Radio Station explanation happened to be.

KPMG scoops 30% more fees from BBC [Accountancy Age]

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