Monday, July 13, 2009

Scoping | 07.13.09

  • Executive stress a boon for island rehab - Corporate executives get to hang with Amy Winehouse when things get out of control. Unless of course, they said "no, no, no". [BBC]
  • Chicago Cubs Bankruptcy Looms as Way to Finish Sale by Tribune - "The Chicago Cubs may become the first Major League Baseball team in 39 years to file for bankruptcy as Tribune Co. seeks to sell the franchise after months of negotiations." [Bloomberg]
  • U.S. judge approves delay sought in UBS tax case - "A U.S. judge agreed on Monday to delay the start of a trial in which U.S. tax authorities hoped to force UBS AG to reveal the identities of thousands of Americans suspected of using the bank to evade taxes." Rumor is that maybe a settlement is being reached re: some Toblerones, which as you know, we've been advocating for some time. [Reuters]
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