Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review Comments | 07.14.09: Bernie Madoff Reports to Jail Edition

  • Keep It Simple - "The International Accounting Standards Board today put out an exposure draft on classification and measurement in financial instruments, and I was impressed by its relative simplicity." Mostly to spite the rival FASB, we thinks. [Floyd Norris/NYT]
  • Who Wants To Be A (Baked) CEO? - Show of hands for those of you that are already baked CEO's. Ahem, Jimmy Cayne. [DealBreaker]
  • Madoff Sent to N.C. Prison to Begin 150-Year Sentence - The picture at left is our best guess as to what the Master Ponz might look like in the joint. [Bloomberg]
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  1. that is the most disturbing image i have seen in awhile, thanks for that.

  2. Got that right! That's so bad!!!