Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Scoping | 07.08.09

  • Government Agencies, Washington Post Targeted in Cyberattack - "A widespread and coordinated cyberattack during the past few days has targeted Web sites operated by major government agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security and Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, according to several computer security researchers." Websites operated by the Nasdaq and NYSE were also attacked. Comforting. [Washington Post]
  • Old Merrill Quickly Disappears Inside BofA - "Merrill Lynch & Co. spent decades building one of Wall Street's premier investment banks. Undoing that work has taken just months." [WSJ]
  • Google Plans a PC Operating System - "In a direct challenge to Microsoft, Google announced late Tuesday that it is developing an operating system for PCs that is tied to its Chrome Web browser." Diabolical Google! We've got a geek (computer version) war! [New York Times]
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