Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tell Us How You Really Feel: Goldman Sachs/Tim Geithner Conspiracy Edition

We'd like to give Maxine Waters credit for spawning the whole Goldman Sachs-running the universe conspiracy theory but we simply can't give her credit for a number of reasons that we won't get into here (okay, one: she's incapable of forming a coherent sentence).

Matt Taibbi is getting lots of attention for his "vampire squid on the face of America" analogy etc. etc. Hyperbole? Poss.

But when you have old Reagan soldiers calling you out...hard to thing gaining real traction? Is Maxine Waters a benefactor of "better to be lucky than good"? We won't believe it...

Former US Assistant Secretary Of The Treasury: "Geithner Works For Goldman" [Zero Hedge] Sphere: Related Content

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