Monday, July 6, 2009

Madoff Attorney: I'd Do it Again

Ira Sorkin would totally stand up for the Master de Ponz all over again because he's solid like that:
"Absolutely," says Ira Sorkin, who vigorously argued for leniency on behalf of his client only to see him sentenced last week to a 150-year prison term for running a $65bn Ponzi scheme that devastated thousands of lives. "I believe in the constitution and the bill of rights and as a defence attorney I play a role in preserving the system of justice," he says.
Whoa, we got a cock-eyed idealist here! Mentioning the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Appealing to the American ideals on 4th of July weekend...Not terribly original but still well played, counselor.

On that same nationalistic front, we would argue that Americans (particularly those that were ripped to the tune of $65 Billion) also crave vengeance, hence making Sorkin the target of "death threats and 'constant' hate mail".

So, yeah, not what we would call an easy task for any advocate. Keep fighting the good fight, I. Sork, for every Bernie Madoff, there will have to be an Ira Sorkin. Plus, the exposure's not bad either.
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