Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Vijay Singh Gives Up Ponzi Scheme Sponsor, Potential Pick Up for a Big 4 Firm with Longevity

Via Clusterstock, "The indispensable Darren Rovell says the Fijian golf god has finally given up the Stanford-wear...Developing..."

This after Clusterstock reported as recently as April 12th that the Vij was still wearing Stanford sponsored shwag.

We got to thinking, shouldn't one of the non-KPMG Big 4 firms pick this guy up? The Radio Station has picked their horse and is perfectly content with consistent 2nd place finishes so one of the other firms should totally get on this guy. Chances are Vij and Lefty don't like each other anyway, so we might as well get some rival sponsorships going as well, hadn't we?

Plus, Vijay is notorious for being a gambler so maybe his pick would indicate who he's got some sweet action on re: which firm will go down first or last (depending on the over/under, obv). Just a thought.

Vijay Singh Stops Wearing Stanford Gear
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