Thursday, July 2, 2009

Stanford Might Consider Issuing IOU's, Like Some Other People We Know

A judge denied Allen Stanford's request to partially unfreeze his assets in order to pay his legal fees because apparently the dude has got no legit cash.

"In his response to Sir Allen’s request, filed on Wednesday, [J]udge [David] Godbey said he denied the petition because the businessman had 'not yet provided an accounting of personal assets,' which had been requested since February. Moreover, the judge said Sir Allen had 'not shown that he has $10 million dollars, or any lesser amount, in personal assets untainted by potential fraud.'"

Look, your honor, Stan was selling tickets to the gun show for years but that does only so much. Besides, that was all put towards recreational use that got smelt/popped/smoked/spanked years ago. If a cricket-playing, brash Texan is going to get himself a Johnnie Cochran, you're going to have to let loose some real cash.

Sir Allen’s request to unfreeze funds for legal fees denied
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