Monday, July 6, 2009

Apparently Cursing Isn't Good for Business

A little follow-up on Gordon Ramsay's personal financial difficulties but now it's his restaurant holding company that's got some trubs.

Gordon Ramsay Holdings had pre-tax profits of GBP 383,000 for the year ended August 2009 compared to GBP 3 Million for the same previous period, a drop of 87%. The company also quadrupled its debt from GBP 2 Million to GBP 8 Million from the '08 fiscal year end to '09.

From a numbers perspective, we've got to say Gordo, that's just not very fucking good. And sadly, one view is that the cursing doesn't help, "all that aggression and swearing - puts a lot of people off." says one critic. Last we checked, Ramsay wasn't into Chuck E. Cheese franchises but whatevs.

On the bright side, if he needs to start issuing IOU's, we hear Ken Lewis is in a charitable mood.
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