Monday, July 20, 2009


Readers! This announcement warrants your complete and undivided attention. I am happy to announce that today marks the launch date of Going Concern, an accounting and finance tabloid of which I am the founding editor.

Check out our press releases: MediaPost Publications and Talking Biz News

Going Concern will continue the tradition that we have built here at 10-key Tramp for the past year. The great folks at Breaking Media have blazed the trail in professional tabloid blogging and have decided that all of you in the accounting and finance need a site where you can find out all the latest news, gossip, rumors, that are occurring in your industry.

Going Concern will give us a bigger megaphone and I encourage all of you to share any information that you have with us there because we deeply care about all of you out there that are working in this demanding industry and we want to be a place for you to vent and share your thoughts and ideas about everything that is going on.

We need your help to make this blog be what you want it to be! You can send tips to and follow us at Twitter @going_concern.

Join us now and tell all you friends and colleagues!

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UPDATE 3:44 PM EST: Another press release at Media Bistro
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