Thursday, July 9, 2009

Judge Wants Hints to How Ugly the IRS Will Make this Naming Names Thing

We're beating this drum until something gets accomplished:


The judge in the UBS/IRS case now wants to know, just for the sake of argument, how down and dirty the IRS will get if he rules in the Service's favor and UBS doesn't name names.
Alan Gold, the US district judge presiding over the case, late on Wednesday gave the US government until midday US time on Sunday to clarify whether it might go as far as seizing assets of the bank’s US operations, or forcing them into receivership, should the court rule against UBS and the bank not comply.
Gold also was curious to know if the Feds had considered double-secret probation and counsel replied that "all options are on the table".

It's becoming apparent that the Swiss are getting tired of "you're aiding tax evaders" talk out of DC because now they're pulling the pot/kettle card:
Swiss critics have accused the US of hyprocrisy in moralising on tax evasion. Many have noted the irony that next week’s case will be heard in Miami, an established offshore centre for the – possibly undeclared – assets of thousands of rich South Americans.
The IRS replied awkwardly with, "SO? SO? It's not that ironic"

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