Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wild Speculation Wednesday: KPMG All-Star Game Publicity Edition

We didn't watch MLB's All-Star Game last night but we did hear today that a bunch of bean counters are all abuzz about the KPMG logo being on the building in dead center field. Our initial reaction is: GET. A. LIFE. This is what you spend your morning talking about? Vomit.

In any case, we tried finding a pic on the web and this is best we found. Apparently it was in plain sight on the tube but again, we repeat, WGAF?

In our search for a picture of the building we noticed some older pictures where no Radio Station logo was present:

So our speculation is that when the announcement came out that the All-Star Game was coming to St. Louie did the Radio Station suddenly spring for the new sign? How many auditors/tax associates got the axe to pay for this? Could Phil Mickelson been paid an extra million for the cost of this sign? Just throwing it out there.
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1 comment:

  1. I like that you can see a stealth in the picture...I thought the stealth was supposed to be undetectable...