Monday, July 20, 2009

Thanks Everybody!

This is just a quick shout out to everyone that has kept up with this extremely obscure blog since its start last summer. It's been an exciting past three months as I have unexpectedly gone from extremely bitter bean counter to borderline workaholic blogger. Thanks to the two Davids at Breaking Media for giving me this exciting opportunity and thanks to Nick, our web developer who made the site look so awesome.

I want all of you that are readers of this blog to give honest feedback on Going Concern and the work we are doing there because it's really an outlet for all of you that work in the accounting and finance fields. I will continue to write here less mysteriously so that hopefully you will share without filters (hopefully constructively).

So, this is my mini-awards show moment: Thanks to the following people for their support: Re: The Auditors, Jr. Deputy Accountant, Razorback04, DailyAngst, MKraft, EdithO, Catch That?, all my NYC Peeps (too numerous to name), all my Mile High City Peeps (way too numerous to name), my SoCal Peeps (Krista & Matt, Jeff), and last but most certainly not least, all the Nebraska peeps. If I left you off, I apologize, I did my best. Let me hear about it at Going Concern!
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1 comment:

  1. Gangsterism at its finest and I'm so happy to see one of our own in such a position in the media. :)

    (that means I'm cheerleading your ass, you fucker, and you should appreciate that because CPA exam candidates pay big fucking money to have ME cheerlead their asses and I'm doing it TO YOU for free)

    All my love,
    Jr Deputy Accountant