Monday, July 13, 2009

PwC Probably Needs a Hug

As we mentioned this morning, the majority of PwC news has been extremely bad lately. And since it's Monday, we'll continue to kick a big multi-billion dollar professional services firm while they're down.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ("ICAI"), the country's accounting regulator, may recommend the blacklisting of the firm. This awakening of the ICAI's inner-Joe McCarthy would mean that P. Dubs would be barred from performing audits in India.

Since the ICAI can only recommend the blacklist, P. Dubs would be able to appeal the action in court but since all of the Big 4 have hard-ons for doing business in India these days we can assume that this is another not-so-good development for the firm.

ICAI may push Price Waterhouse into blacklist zone [The Economic Times]

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  1. picked a PwC topic far more kind than I did to write about today. Yours is obviously more serious...but maybe "any press is good press"?


  2. I think you're referring to the racism claim? I did a post on that one earlier yesterday.

    These guys are getting piled on right now. Makes our jobs easy.