Friday, July 17, 2009

Madoff Auditor Pleads Not Guilty

Count us as surprised. After agreeing to not have the evidence against him reviewed by a grand jury, which led some (i.e. us, Bloomberg, others) to speculate that he would plead guilty, Bernie Madoff's auditor/alleged accomplice/number-maker-upper, David Friehling, plead not guilty today.


"[Friehling] entered a not guilty plea to securities fraud, aiding and abetting investment adviser fraud and four counts of filing false audit reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Mr. Friehling was originally charged in March. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Baroni asked the court for the next hearing in the matter to be scheduled in 60 days to allow the parties to continue discussion of a possible disposition of the matter. The next hearing scheduled in the case is Oct. 1."

This really doesn't make a helluva lotta sense to us but whatevs. If dude is looking to roll the dice, who are we to say "you're an idiot"?

UPDATE 2:25 pm: Because it's Friday and we are intent on getting the party started early, we just so happened to ignore that the possibility of a "disposition of the matter". Our bad.

Madoff's Auditor Pleads Not Guilty [WSJ]
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  1. Hey wtf, that looks like this dude we fired a few months back... LMFAO, I hadn't seen Friehling until this post. What a beast.