Monday, January 5, 2009

Rocky Mountain Debut

Oh readers, how long it has been! I'll catch you up. I left New York for the sunshine state of Colorado a week before Christmas, arriving safe and sound, with Lovebird in tow and am now residing in the basement of a friend while I continue to do my best Willy Loman/George Costanza impression.

In all seriousness, being unemployed has its ups and downs. Sometimes you couldn't be happier to not have any reason to get up and join the rat race. Other times, it's a little nerve-racking. It probably has something to do with feeling totally unproductive. While writing in a blog that few people read and doing sketches that no one is interested in has it's moments, my artistic talents are probably at hobby level at best, and I've got too much school debt to give up on the corporate world altogether.

I've been to a couple of interviews and am actually waiting to hear back on one of them so there's still hope! At least I haven't had to resort to the opposite strategy...

Anyway, don't fret for me readers! Like I said, it has its ups and downs and today is an UP! Sphere: Related Content

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  1. good to hear a post from you caleb. we'll be anxious to hear about your new & exciting basement life! no seriously, i'll be praying you find your dream job & quick!