Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Live Blogging the Inaugaration

Waiting for O. Yes, Oprah is actually going to be president. She paid Obama $1 Billion.

Dick Cheney in the wheelchair. AWESOME.

Announcing W. and Cheney

Hail to the Chief. Not for long.

Joe Biden. Fresh from his latest round of teeth whitening. I wonder if he took Amtrak this morning??

W. talking to maybe Michelle? I wonder what his nickname is for her?

Wow. Cheney looks old and very Dr. Strangelovish. Again, fitting.

Obama. Stoic as always. I wonder if he feels the cold?

Biden announced. Brian Williams mentions Amtrak. He mentions that somehow Biden knows all the conductors.

"he's going to have to spend a $1 Trillion to get the economy started". Oh? We have a economy?

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  1. Did someone say Dr. Strangelove?