Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where I Attempt to Liken the Final Big 4 Accounting Firms to Wiseguys

A compelling case for likening the FB4 to the Mafia is made by Francine McKenna over at the Huffington Post.

I won't rehash the details for you all, Francine writes a great post. What I will do is speculate on which firm would be which wiseguy? Disclosure: For this particular post, all families are fair game and I won't regulate myself to one particular family, crew, TV show, or movie (but as you might expect, the Sopranos are easiest to choose from).

KPMG - Fredo Corleone - Weakest and most annoying of its particular kind. Obedient and clumsy.

Deloitte - Paulie Walnuts - Again, obedient but has a psychotic side. All in all not too bright though.

Ernst & Young - "Lefty" Ruggiero - past its prime but loyal to the family. Ultimately, not smart enough to realize when being duped.

PricewaterhouseCoopers - Johnny Sack - Hungry for power and is ultimately the boss. In the end something internal will kill it.

Ridiculous? Bad examples? Unfair? One-sided? OF COURSE.

The Button-Down Mafia: How the Public Accounting Firms Run a Racket on Investors and Thrive While Their Clients Fail [The Huffington Post via re: The Auditors] Sphere: Related Content

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